So obvs tons of incest on this wiki so far soooo.

Basically I had some ideas.

1. Instead of being gods, the Primal Trio should be titans. And I say we add a foruth member, a female, who has faded. Then no half-brother and sister incest and Aria doesn't have 2888327487327562 kids. Then we solve that and no arguing over who gets to be a titan.

2. Then, the fourteen children of the titans would be gods. Standard gods. Then, any othe god would just be considered a minor god. Not necisarrily meaning they are weaker, they just have less acknowledgement. XD

3. Titans created the gods, so no more titans. Other gods have appeared, but not created by the titans. 

4. god+god=WHAT DO WE CALL THESE?! They aren't gods of anything, but they are immortal and have inheritied powers from their parents.

5. Someone help me, idek how to work this all to make sense.