Alright, so with the recent vote to kinda redo everything on the site, I'd like to take this opportunity to do two things. First, I'd like to know the current plan for things as is.

Second, I'd like to throw out the suggestion of ditching the whole "born from star stuff explosion" deal to kind of have it so that theres one (or two) original parent to all the gods, and from there we can kinda split the gods into two groups that way we're all one big happy family, but it wont feel quite AS incestuous.

To further elaborate, I think the original all-mother (yes, I'm establishing she should be female) of the gods can still be made from colliding stars, but just not three original gods, and then its half-brother half-sister constant incest. Because lets admit it just doesn't feel quite like incest if theres only one parent.

Third, Id also like to throw up the idea of Lesser Gods, or Minor Gods. These can be weaker versions of the gods that are the child of a God and Nature Spirit (Forest Nymph, Sky Spirit, etc. ) , but because they're magical in nature they're much stronger than demigods and can live up until they are killed in a battle, or stop existing. (See below for elaboration on that last sentence.

   I also say their existence should be follower based, like if the Lesser God doesn't have enough people to worship or believe he/she exists then they stop existing.