Alright, a list of confirmed changes is below.

-All Mother

-No more incest

-All Mother Created Original gods

Basically, that's all we have decided on.

So here is a plan to complete this Reboot and make it an actual reboot:

1. We scrap all of the old pages, maybe archive them, if you guys want. But all of the former info is no longer fannon (fan cannon btw). 

2. We create a system of "heiracy" or whatever you wish to call it. I have a suggestion I am placing below.

        A. My plan is simple. The All Mother, goddess of Creation, Time, and Space, created four elder gods - Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Earth had a sub-elemental power of Dark. Air had light. Water had Love, and Fire had hate (this are obviously interchange able between which has which, as long as Air and Earth have opposites and Water and Fire have opposites). Each of the main four are owned by the admins, myself, Yoonie, Aria, and Justin (due to Nat's leaving). 

3. We develop pages for them before we start making family trees and ships and such. 

4. Afterward, as we begin to ship them with minor gods and each other and such, we add to a list of gods/goddesses and their powers. 

5. We create a system of how elder gods/minor gods work and how their children get powers and whatnot, depending on if they reproduce with a human or god. 

This is simply a rough draft and needs your ideas to expand it.