“I might be the Goddess of Imagination, but I never said I was happy, more like insane, yes... Very Insane. But dear brother, you mean a lot to me...”
―Audrey to Jack

Audrey in Goddess form

Audrey in Human form

Audrey in Animal form

Goddess of Imagination
Goddess of Insanity
Goddess of Just Being Annoying
Goddess of Ice
Gender Female
Family Jack (Brother),

Aria (Mother) Nathaniel (old) (Father)

Status Immortal
Eye Color Silver Green
Hair Color Light Blonde
Height Any but usually 5'8
Age She's Immortal, she doesn't have an age
Personality Audrey is mostly quiet and harsh, she can appear cold-hearted at times but does care for the hands of mortals and other gods. She especially cares about her brother Jack to whom her opinion is a bit TOO depressing
Weapons Staff
Powers & Abilities Typical Godly Abilities, Grant curse of eternal insanity, Re-movement of curse, Annoying the hell out of everyone
Species God
Home Wikiolympus
Affiliation Wikiolympians




Audrey, unlike most gods and goddess has four forms. In each form she have a certain amount of power in each one except Goddess form.

In Goddess form she is seen to have like descriptived, Light Blonde hair and Silver Green eyes. In Human form, she often takes the disguise as a 12 year old with Brunette hair and Green eyes. 

In essence form, one of the rare forms of gods were they can release all their energy and power, she is seen as a mysterious Green Blue mist as seen in the picture.

Finally, in Animal form, which she mostly uses in combat, she is shown as a female alpha wolf with a gray and white coat.

She also has a Human Comabat mode for when she is too tired to use her animal form. It is similar to her human form except she takes on the age of a 16 year old and has Silver eyes.

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