Storm spirit by hounskull

Aurim are creatures created by Aerys. With a body forged from clouds, a heart of a hurricane, a mind quicker than lightning, and brought to life with the breath of Aerys; these beings are a type of storm spirit.

Details Edit

With a long serpent like body made of clouds, these creatures obviously belong in the sky. They're incredibly wise and knowledgeable, although they actually lack the ability to speak ! Instead, they speak telepathically . With each other. The exception being the demigod children of Aerys, whom are able to (consciously or not) tune into the telepathic channel used by the Aurim. Aurim are generally peaceful creatures, normally passive in the affairs of others, although its not uncommon for them to cause mischief, such as causing black outs, terrorizing people with static electricity, and carrying hats off into the wind.

Trivia Edit

  • Detest small places and will throw large (terrifying) fits if trapped
  • Are capable of expanding their bodies, effectively becoming invisible
  • Often cause strong winds

Note: This entire thing is currently a work in progress and is subject to sudden/complete change at any moment.

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