Bee (old)


Goddess forms



Goddess of Creativity
Goddess of Music
Goddess of Cute Things
Protector of the Pippycat
Gender Female
Family Erlend (father)

Aria (mother)

Status Immortal
Eye Color Blue (human and Goddess forms), light orange (animal form)
Hair Color Blonde (human form), bubblegum pink (Goddess form), orange (animal form)
Height 5'9
Age 777,774
Personality Generally nice but shy, can be very emotional and a bit unpredictable
Weapons Enchanted staff, bow and arrow (sometimes axe)
Powers & Abilities Gifting cuteness unto others, creating music, defending the Pippycat, creating art (& music & stories)
Species Goddess
Home Kamelot
Affiliation Wikians; citizens of Kamelot


Bee is the goddess of creativity, music, and cute things. Since she is very creative, she is slightly crazy, and is also probably one of the most introverted of the gods and goddesses, but also gets along with the others well. She is also the goddess of music, which includes every kind of music (though metal and opera tend to be her most favorite). Along with that, she is also the goddess of the cute things, along with the legendary Pippycat, often saught after for its presumed magical abilities. Bee is the protector of this Pippycat, and guards its life with her magical staff. Along with the Pippycat she is friends with rabbits and other cats and just about any kind of animal, and when everything looks too dreary, she just spices it up with a bit of pink and purple... with accents of black.


Bee has the powers to grant cuteness unto others of any species... humans, animals...

She also has the power to create music of any kind she chooses, and the ability to make beautiful paintings and drawings and other kinds of art, including stories.

She also has the power - thanks to her favorite weapon of choice, her magical staff - to protect the legendary Pippycat from anyone who wants to harm it (such as Troy Mason). This staff has a few different powers: defeaning metal music, and blinding colors (that hurt when they touch you, yay :3).

Physical FormsEdit

Bee can assume many different forms.

Human FormEdit

In human form, Bee appears as a young, emotional, teenage girl with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and unnaturally pale skin. She is usually seen wearing a sweater, headphones with an iPod, and some form of a cute skirt or dress. This is one of her favorite forms, as she can listen to music all day. In this form she usually spends too much time on the internet, eats too much junk food, and tries to get better at playing League of Legends.

Goddess FormEdit

In her Goddess form, she is the most powerful, appearing with her enchanted staff in hand. In this form she has flowing bubblegum pink hair, and blue eyes. She wears a beautiful dress and for once is no longer clumsy. In this form, she often appears with white, angel-like wings which help her fly around.

(Note that the first picture is her primary Goddess form and the most used)

  • Most common Goddess form
  • face and hair in Goddess form

Animal FormEdit

In animal form, Bee appears as an orange cat, similar to the Pippycat. She usually uses this form to help protect the Pippycat.


While Bee is affiliated with the Wikia, she spends most of her time in the capital city of symphonic metal: Kamelot, a place known for its beautiful music and silliness.