―Billie, being neutral.

This is the new form of Billie, as she had been reincarnated (her old form had been killed, but she was able to be revived, thus resulting in this reincarnation).


Billie goddess form

Billie human form


Goddess of Dragons
Goddess of Archery
Goddess of the Night
Goddess of the Stars
Gender Female
Family Tyrion (husband), Aerys (son), Katarina (daughter)
Status Immortal
Eye Color Varies, is normally silver in goddess form, black in dragon form and brown in human form
Hair Color Varies, is normally light blue in goddess form and brown in human form
Height Varies
Age Immortal
Personality See Personality section
Weapons Golden bow and arrows, dragon
Powers & Abilities See the Powers section
Species Deity
Home Her own palace in Wikiana
Affiliation Other deities, the mortal world


There's many different sides to Billie, but these are the notable ones at least.

She's known mainly for being hyper.

Normal her is more apathetic, neutral, calm and mature. She's more helpful and hardworking when she's in this frame of mind.

Sassy Billie occurs when she's annoyed, irritated or even angry. When she's like this, she'll more or likely turn into her dragon form.

Evil her normally has something to do with Aria (yes, I know how obvious this is). When Billie's evil, she'll turn more sassy and will scheme against pretty much everybody else.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Typical godly abilities - Such as shapeshifting into several forms and transporting from different worlds.
  • Controlling, riding and taming dragons with ease
  • Limited pyrokinesis - limited ability of manipulating fire
  • Exceptional archery skills
  • Lunakinesis - Manipulating the moon
  • Umbrakinesis - Manipulating darkness
  • Star manipulation - Manipulating the stars



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