"A spark is all something needs. That spark can kindle a flame which will turn into a blaze which will develop something major. A small spark is all it takes.- Echo

Echo is the Goddess of wolves, light, and singing. Her old form was killed somehow, resulting in her being recarinated and brought back to life.




Goddess of wolves
Goddess of Light
Goddess of Singing
Gender Female
Family TBA
Status Immortal
Eye Color {{{eye}}}
Hair Color {{{hair}}}
Height 5'0" (Mortal), 5'6" (Goddess)
Age Immortal
Personality TBA
Weapons Short sword, Kunaii
Powers & Abilities {{{powerabilities}}}
Species Deity
Home Wikiolympus Woods
Affiliation Other deities, the mortal world

Personality Edit

Don't try to fix me I'm not broken

Echo is quite extroverted depending on her mood. She has periods of depression that usually last for about ten days then periods of extended happiness that lasts for about four times. She is very irritable and can get angry at people for almost no reason and will desire killing them in her mind.

Echo is considered to be very passionate about certain things. She loves singing and her voice is clear as a summers night.

Echo is considered to be two faced. One day she can be like all happy and cheery, but the next day she can be super depressed and all. She will treat others based on how she feels; if she is depressed she is more likely to treat them worse than if she wasn't depressed. If she is hurt by someone her mood will change quickly and she will probably become very rude to them

Powers and Abilities Edit


Main Affiliates Edit

She is known for having a crush on Blake.


Appearance Edit


Quotes Edit

They all think I'm some sort of monster. They never mention it to my face but how they act around me proves my suspicion.

I wonder how different my life would be if you were dead.

Its true, we're all a little insane.

My life would be a lot better if everyone had short term memory loss. Maybe then they'd forget my past.

I want to walk up to my past self and slap her in the face for ruining my future.

As much as I'd like the past not to exist, it still does.

It feels like there is nobody out there that would understand me. My emotions, the way I can't trust anyone.

Somedays it feels like the only reason I was created was so other people could hurt me, bully me, treat me horribly.

Trivia Edit

  • She is based off of Echo.

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