I am just another girl you see everyday. Some people may say that about me. But that does not apply to me at all. I'm an outcast, shamed from everyday life. I never had many friends. Nobody really seemed to like me. I never had any explanation why. I am always kind to those who don't hurt me and I am extremely loyal.

It seems like my only friends in life are animals. I have never had a 'true friend. They all come and go.

If people were as pretty as they were on the inside, I'd be the prettiest. I am someone who actually cares. But no, that is not the cas, and I am shamed.

I am the goddess of beauty because on the inside I am truly beautiful. truly.

I am the goddess of arctic wolves because they are extremely beautiful and are natures perfection, and I have to admiut it, I love them so much.

I am the goddess of nature because nature was my only friend during those sad, dark, depresing, outcast days.

I am a goddess.


Echo is a godess created by 1Echo2. She is the godesss of beauty, wild animals, and nature.

Echo (old)

Echo God


Echo animal

Godess of beauty
Godess of nature
Godess of arctic wolves
Gender Female
Family Caitlin (Mother)

Eli (Father)

Alina (sister)

Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Curly brown with blonde streaks
Height 5'0" (human)

5'8" (God) 3'9" (wolf)

Age 16
Personality Echo is very kind. She will do anything to help anyone. She also is very likeable, never talking bad about someone. She is extremely loyal to anyone as long as they are kind to her. She cares a lot about animals. If anyone ever hurts an animal, she will hurt them and possibly kill them. She has a high respect for Mother Nature and it's beauty.
Weapons In Arctic Wolf form she uses Teeth and claws. In goddess form, Bow and arrow.
Powers & Abilities Echo can turn into a wolf and she can also can teleport. Echo is very smart and can get herself out of any situation. She also is physically fit.
Species Arctic wolf and human/wikian
Home Earth
Affiliation 1Echo2


Echo is the god of beauty, nature and arctic wolves. She is not afraid to stand out or to fight for what she believes in. She is very loyal to those who have never hurt her, never saying mean things to them or hurting them in anyway. However if they hurt any animal in any way shape or form, she will get mad at them and turn into arctic wolf form. Echo will then try to hurt them until she kills them or they make it up to her. Echo doesn't do this very often as others know her power. Some say she is fearful. But really she is fearless.

Echo is independent. It probably happened from multiple years of being an outcast.She can figure things out on her own quite easily and she isn't afraid to be alone. She cares a lot about animals as they are like humans to her. Since Echo never really had any friends, animals were her friends. She cared a lot about them. Echo as a goddess still cares about animals, but even more

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