Eli (old)

Stolen goods are forfeit

Eli go

Eli Beast

God of Honor
God of Sacrifice
God of Bravery
Gender Male
Family Aria (Mother)

Erlend (Father)

Caitlin (Wife)

Alina Fishhowl (Daughter)

Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Dark brown
Height 5'11 (Human)

6'4 (God)

9'1 (Beast)

Age {{{age}}}
Personality Honorable and brave. Willing to fight for what he believes in and often to sway towards the side he sees more brave and honorable.
Weapons Spear, Tusks
Powers & Abilities Skilled strategist/tactician, combat expert, physically fit.
Species Wikian
Home Wikiana
Affiliation Wikians


Born as the 5th child, Eli is the god of Honor, Sacrifice, and Patriotism. He is the symbol of a good soldier or hero fighting for what they believe is rightful. Known to join the side with the most honor, Eli's displayed as a tall figure with good posture and brave look at times. Eli is seen as more of a lawful good type of character, but if he sees a greater amount of sacrifice or bravery in evil, he turns Lawful Evil, making him very hard to find out what side he truely fights for.

He is mostly looked upon as the commanding officer a general should be. However, he doesn't believe in unnesescarry killing, unlike the original Ares, instead, only fighting for what one believes against those who oppose, and leaving innocents out of the way. He often appears young in his forms, even though he is one of the "older" gods. His godly form portrays him as an aincent greek warrior, while his beast form portrays him as a wild boar.

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