Henrietta animal

Classy, but not sassy
Goddess of Class, Britain and Posh
Queen of the British Empire
Gender Female
Family Connor - Husband
Status Queen of the British Empire
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Gray
Height 4'0
Age (Immortal) 88
Personality Henriette acts like your typical grandma; she's strict, doesn't give a hoot about modern technology (especially Instagram and Emojis) and keeps telling everyone off for being "disrespectful delinquents".
Weapons Umbrella
Powers & Abilities To make anyone classy and British, but it really doesn't work.
Species Royal
Home Buckingham Palace, Britain
Affiliation The Royal Family

Henrietta is Goddess of Class, Britain and Posh. She is also the queen of the British Empire. She is mortal enemies with Emilia.


Making someone classy - Basically making them a member of Britain (tea-drinker, classy, you get the idea)

Posh - Can turn anything from dirty to clean (and posh)

Queen - She's the mother freaking Queen of the British Empire.


Favorite Pastime: Abusing Emilia for not being classy enough and attempting to make her a reformed citizen of the British Empire.

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