Herodus Grivas
Gender Male
Family Mother: Adila
Father: Aerys
Status Alive
Eye Color green/blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 6'
Age 19
Personality Solitary, Sarcastic
Weapons Electricity
Powers & Abilities Electricity Manipulation
Species Demigod
Home Mortal World
Affiliation None (Currently)

Biography Edit

Herodus is the child Aerys , however his father didn't know he was born. As a result he was left in the hands of his mortal mother who had to support him as a child. Struggles with money and his mother keeping a job slowly lead to a downhill curve in his life which included a period as a gang member to get money for his mother, theft, and drug use; the last of which actually led to the discovery of his powers as a Demigod. Due to these experiences it wasnt uncommon for him to take a beating like a living punching bag, and occasionally be the one to start the fight. Although hes had a poor quality of life being fatherless and constantly trying to find a way to support his mother, Herodus is surprisingly intelligent. Hes shown the ability to have alarming intuition, and an in depth ability to read people's personalities which may be a result of his life of crime.

Upon the believed death of his mother when he was seventeen he began hiding most of his emotions leaving him cold, silent, and and deeply hurt on the inside.

Personality Edit

Herodus typically prefers solitude since hes seen the darker side of humanity most of his life, and becomes -extremely- uncomfortable with human contact whether it be a friendly punch on the arm or a hug. Although he doesnt show many emotions Herodus has been known to have a strong desire to help people and become sympathetic to people with a similar backstory to his. He believes nothing is given in live, and anything one desires must be taken by force.

Powers Edit

Herodus discovered his powers at age fifteen (15) after injecting heroin for the first time.

  • Electricity generation and manipulation
  • High pain tolerance

Appearances Edit

Boy meets death

Trivia Edit

  • Opens up to very few people
  • Likes hoodies
  • Enjoys playing with rabbits