Karyn Bassett


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The Girl Who Plays With Death
Daughter of Erlend
Gender Female
Family Erlend (father)

Ms. Bassett (mother, deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Red
Height 5'7
Personality Tough, lonely, wise, ambitious, self-serving
Weapons Swords
Powers & Abilities Water manipulation, water healing, control over spiders
Species Demigod
Home Ålesund, Norway
Affiliation Camp Wikiana, Wikiana

Karyn Bassett is the Demigod daughter of Erlend, the God of Space, Water and Spiders. He killed her mother when she wouldn't join him in Wikiolympus. Currently she lives at Camp Wikiana, a special training and protecting camp for Demigods from all of Wikiana. Karyn wishes to end the reign of the Gods.


Karyn is a loner. She keeps to herself, but even so, she is friendly towards other people. She just prefers her own company. Karyn is very smart and a good observer, she can learn a lot about people just by observing them. She is quick to take advantage of what she learns. 

She is also very ambitious, and has big dreams and doesn't care about what anybody thinks of them. Karyn is determined to do everyting she can to make those dreams come through. Karyn doesn't wish to be a hero and she prioritizes her own goals over others. Some call her selfish, some say she's just determined.

Karyn has an unfortuneate habit of letting her powers get the best of her. When she gets angry, she can lose control and it can cause dangerous situations both for her and others. Even though she has been at Camp Wikiana for half of her life, she is still insecure about her powers and tends to rely more on her wit.


Karyn is about 5'7 inches tall. She has very pale skin and skinny, but surprisngly powerful legs. She has very small fingers and low shoulders. Her hair is deep red and elegantly curled. She has a round, linear face and grey eyes with a hint of brown in them. She likes to wear dresses of all sorts and colours, but when she is training or in a battle she wears a full body of hard-clad armor.

Life before Camp WikianaEdit

Camp WikianaEdit



Karyn has a very hateful relationship to her Godly father, since he not only killed her mother, but also tried on numerous occasions to kill her as well. There is no bond between them, and Erlend claimed her as his daughter to put even more hatred in her and to taunt her. 

Other GodsEdit

Karyn doesn't know too many of the other Gods, but she hates them all the same. She does not feel it is right for a group of holy deities to rule everything, and wishes to dethrone and kill them all, somehow and someday.

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