Warden of Spirits
God of Islands
God of Necromancy
God of Fish and Seafoam
Patron of Ghosts
Gender Male
Family Seafoam
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'4 (can become taller through will *secretly wishes this was actually possible*)
Age  ???
Personality Inquisitive, easily impatient, amusing
Weapons Spear, War Club
Powers & Abilities Turning into a shark, forming islands, raising the dead and speaking to spirits, can speak to fish
Species God
Home Underwiki, Hawaii
Affiliation Underwiki, Wikiania,

Kekai is a minor god. Unlike other gods, he was not conceived through regular terms, and was made from a collection of seafoam in the Pacific region. He is the god of islands, sharks, necromancy, and seafoam. He is the patron of ghosts. He is a powerful Underworld god, but typically dwells in the ocean as a shark and often visits the Hawaiian islands.

entire page is pretty much wip

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