Kelgo, Harry, and Summer Quickbreeze

Kelgo quickbreeze rl


Harry quickbreeze rl


Summer quickbreeze rl

Summer quickbreeze

Gender Male (Kelgo, Harry) Female (Summer)
Family Blake - Father

Emilia - Mother

Status Alive
Personality TBA
Weapons TBA
Powers & Abilities TBA
Species Immortal Humans
Home Wikiana
Affiliation Wikiana, Emilia, Blake

These are the triplets of Blake and Emilia.

Appearances in Wikiana StoriesEdit

Two Sides of the Same Coin by The Wayward Daughter - The triplets played a key role in the second half of the story, providing the motivation needed for Emilia to be victorious. (What motivation is that? Read to find out..)


- Despite being triplets, they all have different ages. Kelgo is the oldest, appearing to be thirty years old, then Harry, who appears to be eighteen years old, and Summer is the youngest, appearing to be seventeen years old.