Lucinda Seraphina Fire-Love



Gender Female
Family Mother: Summer
Father: Justin
Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Chesnut Brown
Height 5'7
Age {{{age}}}
Personality Lucinda can appear quite intriguing as her attitude is very unlikely compared to every other Wikian she's encountered. Independent and mature, she can get on with life just fine by herself, and is actually more of a rebel than anything else. Quite intelligent as well, she's extremely smart and laid-back.
Weapons Daggers
Powers & Abilities Powers: Clairvoyant, Retrocognition, Pathifery

Abilities: Flying

Species Immortal
Home Wikiana
Affiliation Wikians


Lucinda is the only daughter of Justin and Summer. She's very familiar with most of her family members, and also extremely close with them. Having quite a slim figure yet somehow fit physique, Lucinda can be on the attractive side whenever she pleases. Coy and shy, she can be flirtacious (most likely getting this trait from her father) no matter the person or whether or not she knows them. She can become a little pushy at times, causing her to possibly get a little upset if something doesn't go the way she imagined/planned it to.

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