Marina in all of her forms.
Goddess of Darkness
Goddess of Flying
Goddess of Temperature
Patroness of Depression/Emotions
Gender Female
Family Children of Erlend and Aria
Status Immortal
Eye Color All colors
Hair Color Long black hair that covers her eye in an emo flip, even though she isn't emo, it just naturally falls like that
Height Any, usually 6'1 or 5'9 in human form
Age Looks around 16 or 17, but is immortal
Personality {{{personality}}}
Weapons Bow and arrow, really anything
Powers & Abilities Can control the temperature in a room or outside, can fly, can throw orbs of dark energy and can make it night anytime, standard godly powers
Species Goddess
Home Wikiana
Affiliation Wikians, Whales

Marina is the goddess of darkness, flying, and temperature. It is said that her and Billie are the closest because they share a power (darkness), and can perform the same things, but this is not confirmed. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Umbrakinesis (ability to control darkness) - As the goddess of darkness, Marina can use this power to blind someone or suck them into darkness, and is useful in battle. 

Aerokinesis (the ability to fly) - Again, as Marina is the goddess of flying, she can use this power to gradually lift someone in the air, then stop, so they hit the ground hard. She can also use this power to ascend to many thousand feet to escape bow shots. 

Temperature (I forgot what it's called in kinetic form) - As the god of temperature, Marina can lower or raise the temperature. This is useful during battle, literally melting someone to death when she raises the temperature to over 200°F (93°C, or 366.3°K) or freezing them to temperatures over -5000°F. This also means that she is immune to temperature, so her temperature is always at the regular godly temperature, which also means she can never get sick. 

Minor Biokinesis (ability to manipulate the body) - She can only use this to manipulate the temperature of the body.

Nega-Ergokinesis (manipulate dark energry) - This is a subpower of Umbrakinesis, which is one of her main powers.

Pathokinesis (manipulating emotions) - as she is the patron of emotions, she has this power.

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