Nathaniel (old)

Nathaniel God disguise

Nathaniel thinking about his Adventures


Nathaniel when out on Adventures


Nathaniel in his tree disguise

God of Wikia
God of Wisdom
God of Maths
God of Power
Gender Male
Family Erlend (Brother), Aria (Sister)
Status Alive
Eye Color Any
Hair Color Any
Height Any
Age Thousands of years...
Personality See Personality
Weapons His spear Klanga, his sword Tyhgar
Powers & Abilities See Abilities
Species God
Home Wikiolympus
Affiliation Primal Trio


Nathaniel is the god of Wikia (not to be confused with Wikiania), wisdom, maths and power. He is also part of the Primal Trio. Nathaniel was like his siblings born of stars. Unlike the both of them he was born with a desire though - a desire to learn. Nathaniel has visited faraway lands and unthinkable places in his many Adventures. Over the years he's gained much knowledge and power, and is the wisest and most powerful of all gods. He visits the mortal world quite frequently, and uses many different disguises, as he's learnt the ability so shape-shift. His true form is unknown, and has never been seen by any mortal. His most common disguise is a tree though, an object symbolizing the growth of everything in the world. After an Adventure Nathaniel also likes to take it easy for some decades, and trees are great for resting as. When being on an Adventure Nathaniel usually takes the form of a boy in green clothes though. Nathaniel's true form has only been seen by Erlend, Aria and the Keeper, and even when being around the other gods Nathaniel uses a disguise. That disguise is as an old man. Sometimes he's also using his tree disguise in the immortal world too though, mainly to rest but also to watch over the other gods. Being part of the Primal Trio, Nathaniel also has potential to do great things. During his journeys he's learnt many abilities, but his life is far away from over and his desire for knowledge and power is far from gone.


Nathaniel is very wise, and his search for knowledge never ends. However, he also has a strong need for power, and this greed sometimes makes him do bad decisions despite knowing better. More TBA




Ability Explanation Earned when (# = Adventure) Earned how TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
Knowledge Absorption Ability to learn things easily #1 By killing Wisdom
Power Absorption Ability to learn powers and abilities #1 By killing Power
Shape-shifting Ability to change shape (or use "disguises", as it's called by Nathaniel) #10 By finishing the Board of Changes



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