Patrick Wentz
Patrick wentz
Son of Emilia
Gender Male
Family Emilia - Mother; Mr. Wentz - Father
Status Demigod
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 5'11
Age 18 and 1/2
Personality Patrick is known to be a wallflower; he's shy and rather reserved. But once you get to open up to him, you discover that he is a little bundle of energy. He can be brave, but he only shows it when it's a now or never situation.
Weapons Sword, Crossbow
Powers & Abilities Minor aerokinesis, minor time-bending
Species Demigod
Home Wikiana, Camp Wikiana
Affiliation Camp Wikiana, Emilia, Wikians

Patrick Wentz is the only demigod son of the goddess Emilia and the mortal Mr. Wentz.


Early LifeEdit

Patrick was born to Emilia and Mr. Wentz in the mortal world. Due to having to keep her demigod children a secret from the other Gods and Goddesses, especially Blake and Hannah, she had to leave a week after Patrick was born. Before she left, Emilia asked Mr. Wentz to take care of their son until he turns sixteen, then to send him to the address given to Mr. Wentz by Emilia. Unknown to Mr. Wentz, this was the address for Camp Wikiana.

So, for the next fifteen years, Mr. Wentz raised Patrick to the best of his ability. He had remarried after Emilia left to a woman named Ms. Knoppers. Growing up, Patrick was known for being shy and being a wallflower.

On his sixteenth birthday, his father, Mr. Wentz, drove Patrick to the secret location that Emilia gave to him long ago when Patrick was just a baby. Both of them were sad to leave each other, but if this place was going to help his son, then Mr. Wentz was all for Patrick going to this location.

Life at Camp WikianaEdit

Patrick didn't really do anything notable at Camp Wikiana yet. Whenever there has been an invasion of monsters at Camp Wikiana, Patrick always helps out and fights. He has made a few friends at the Camp Wikiana, and they have seen Patrick for not being a shy guy, but instead bubbly.


  • He has a crush on Arya Ryder, but he tries not to make it too obvious.

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