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Goddess Of Trickery
Goddess Of Fear
Gender Female
Family Plenty of family to go around
Status Immortal
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Golden Brown/Blonde
Height 5'0"
Age Appears quiet young (12-14 depending on how you look at it), yet is immortal.
Personality Rebekah is a sweet girl at first glance, kind and caring, but in all honestly she is a manipulating girl who likes to toy with trust and finds fear and death a fun topic. She isn't usually mad and finds fun in everything she does, most call her insane or hyper at most times.
Weapons Scythe, Large Metal Mallet
Powers & Abilities Rebekah has multiple powers
  • Making others see the fear in all situations
  • Make a beings fears come true for a short period of time
  • Invisibility
Species Goddess
Home None Permanent; Mostly seen In Wikolympus when she's bored
Affiliation Wikiolympus, The Underwiki

Have you ever wondered who exactly controls the very thing a mere human needs to be balanced? Or who is that one being who is always up to mischief and causing trouble? Well, your wonders are now reality, all mixed up in a simple goddess. Rebekah.


Rebekah is the goddess of fear and trickery, often looked down on for her deceiving ways and the way she treats others, this young goddess isn't as innocent as she appears. She is rather insane and doesn't read emotions and feelings that well, infact, she likes getting reactions out of fear that has come to life. She is one of the most feared gods/goddesses due to her role in the society, and not many people seem to agree with the way she does things, but that doesn't stop her from doing things. She tends to team up with other gods and goddesses of her nature when doing things, as, she has a small fear of being alone, thought it's very small.

The Theory FileEdit


She also is seen as insane due to her extreme liking to her large mallet, which she has come to label as "Meemay". She personafies this weapon beyond belief, and at times wishes it was a real being. There is a theory behind this thing with Meemay, as it is said that it's a projection of Rebekah's own fear, being alone. Some say Rebekah met a girl named may in her past and something happened to her, and Rebekah was always with her, others say Meemay is a human soul trapped inside a weapon, and only Rebekah can hear it, but of course, this are only theorys by others, and there is no proof behind them. Of course, this could be another one of the females tricks, couldn't it?


  • Rebekah's page was/is page 69.
  • Meemay was originally a roleplay weapon.