Goddess of Literature
Goddess of Technology
Goddess of Television
Gender Female
Family Children of Aria and Erlend
Status Immortal
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height  ???
Age {{{age}}}
Personality  ???
Weapons  ???
Powers & Abilities Control over technology, ???
Species Goddess
Home Wikiana
Affiliation Wikians,???
Samantha is the goddess of literature, technology, and television. She is very into the written word in general, often being categorized as an introvert because she prefers reading or writing to socialization, though 'introvert' is far from the truth. When not embroiled in the depths of technology or watching her favourite shows, she is actually quite outgoing and confident in personality, with a dry, sarcastic sense of humour that often leaves people questioning whether she was actually joking or not. She is also often labelled a bit of a geek or nerd for her great interest in technology in general, and her ability to liken any situation to something out of a movie, television show or book she's seen or read. 

When around the other Olympians of Wikiana she takes on a slightly different form than when she is on earth, a woman with flowing brown hair, and wings that protrude from her back delicately. When on earth she takes on a variant form, this one of a woman with similar brown hair but minus the wings. When in battle she prefers to confuse her opposition as she goes, often coming out with sarcastic comments or obscure references while she darts around or fights.

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