The Pippycat (old)
The Pippycat
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Alive, immortal
Eye Color Light yellow
Hair Color Calico (black, orange, white)
Height Who measures a cat's height?
Age Unknown
Personality Loving, playful
Weapons Claws, teeth
Powers & Abilities Upon consumption grants immortality
Species Magic cat (specifics unknown)
Home Kamelot
Affiliation Minor Goddess Bee
The Pippycat is a magical kitten who is protected by the Minor Goddess Bee.

The PippycatEdit

A small, calico kitten of unknown origin, the Pippycat randomly appeared one day. She was born with the magical to, upon consumption, can grant any being immortality. Because she is a cat, some think that she was born from two magical cats with two similar powers to hers.

Because of her generally sweet demeanor and fragile build, and her powers which could lead to her death, she is protected by Bee. 

Since Bee is the Goddess of cute things, and the Pippycat is undoubtably a very adorable kitten, another theory for the Pippycat's creation is that Bee created her and gave her magical powers, though Bee has no recolection.

Other thank being a cute, magical kitten who is often saught after, the Pippycat lives in Kamelot with the other silly Kamelot citizens and Bee, and other cute cats. She has many feline friends, though no one knows their names because no one knows how to speak cat properly.

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