This is the The Three Hundred and Ninety-First Adventure of Nathaniel. It's one of the most dangerous Adventures, since all the gods' existence was threatened!


Nathaniel sat in his room and read a book called "Ancient Weaponry". He had found the book just recently, and was in the middle of a text about some sword with extraordinary abilities, when he heard something. He immediately sent out his view to watch the outside of the residence. Someone was there, hiding. Hiding, but still coming closer. Nathaniel picked up his beloved spear Klanga to dispose of the intruder. He had a bad feeling about the whole thing, and just wanted to intruder to be gone as soon as possible. Suddenly he felt a breeze behind him and turned around, with Klanga ready to be thrown. The intruder was trying not to be seen, but luckily Nathaniel could see through the disguise. Shortly after Klanga was in the chest of the enemy, who fell down on the floor. That wasn't the end of the battle though. Suddenly a warrior rushed into the room, and began attacking Nathaniel. After a while Nathaniel managed to kill the enemy, whom had an interesting weapon. A sword, that seemed peculiar. Nathaniel didn't have time to think through it though, since he suddenly felt that his realm was in danger. He sent out his sight, but couldn't find anyone at all. It was as if all gods and goddesses had vanished. Everyone wasn't gone though. He still felt his siblings to be alive, but none of his children answered to his call. He left his residence and set foot towards the Throne Room, where his siblings were. He didn't come far though, because suddenly Emilia was in front of him.

"Nathaniel! Listen to me - we have to go. Now."

"What? Go where? Emilia, what're you talking about?"

"There's no time to explain it all. But we have to go back in time to stop this."

"Stop what?"

"The extinction of the gods."

"What? Are you talking about the intruders?"

"Yes. But they're not just ordinary intruders. They're worse. I'll explain everything once we're out of harm's way. Now, let's go."

Nathaniel suddenly felt the feeling of travelling through time. He didn't know what lay ahead of them, nor what had happened back in Wikiolympus, but he did know one thing: this was not going to be an ordinary Adventure.

Chapter 1 - The DangerEdit