The Underwiki is the Wikian equivalent to the Underworld. It is ruled by Kekai, the god of islands, necromancy, sharks and seafoam, and possible Rebekah, the goddess of trickery and fear.

Underwiki Gods and GoddessesEdit




Kekai is the ruler of the Underworld. He is the god of islands, necromancy, sharks, and seafoam. He is a calm and imposing figure, but is easily prone to fits of impatience and begrudged excitement. He was not conceived from other gods, but was made from pool a seafoam. He is a powerful deity with complete control of the undead.

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Rebekah (possibly)Edit





Scarlet is the goddess of the River Amaranthe (Wikian equivalent to the River Styx) in the Underwiki. She's more commonly seen in the Underwiki beside the river, as it is the one place she's almost never invisible in.

Scarlet created the River Amaranthe as a means to separate the world of the living from the dead. Spirits of the Underworld often see her when they cross the river and find the winged goddess intimidating.


Areas of the UnderwikiEdit

Underwiki PalaceEdit

The Underwiki Palace is the dwelling of Kekai and Rebekah. It is a massive fortress with undead guards at every door. Be wary when approaching the palace, as it radiates the godly essence of both rulers. Travelers should best consult the rulers prior to visiting, though any message will likely not be received. The uneasy souls of the forgotten commonly frequent the entrance, in hopes of one day reclaiming their missing memories. Though the exterior appearance is ominous and intimidating, the interior is much more nonchalant yet still maintaining that deathly vibe.

The Dark IslesEdit

The Dark Isles are small strips of land floating in the Dark Sea. They are inhabited by the spirits of the dead.

Each island is composed of different spirits–some damned, some blest, like that of the sort–and each island is guarded by a fiery deity known as the Požár. They guard the isles so that no spirit of the dead escapes. The Sea is also made of a Požârian essence, so anything that touches it will be set aflame.

The beaches of the isles are made of black-brown sand, and, depending on the evil/good spirits it consists of, has rewards and punishments.

River AmarantheEdit

The River Amaranthe surrounds the entirity of the Underwiki, although it is only seen at the entrance because of its vastness. It is joined with the Dark Sea.

It is unknown what substance Scarlet made the river is with, but it burns to touch like the Dark Sea, but it does not contain Požárian essence. Unlike the River Styx, nothing can survive in it. Anything that may fall in it dissolves and adds to the Amaranthe's power.

Its power separates the mortal world from the Underwiki (and to some extent, separates it from the Olympian Underworld).

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