• Enraptured Misfit


    January 18, 2015 by Enraptured Misfit

    This is a story written on Lucinda Fire-love's POV. Umm, idk what to write here, so enjoy!

    I wake up to the sound of trees hitting the window of my bedroom. I release a quick groan and then I remember myself that I should already be awake to dress myself up. I clumsily slide off of my blankets and stand up, ready for a new, new day!

    I walk over the window and pull the curtains open, and allow the sunlight to pour into my bedroom. The birds start singing their lovely melody, and i giggle along. Well, why no to?

    "La-la-la, la-la, Such a pretty day! Such a pretty sight!"

    Between giggles, i continue to sing my cheesy melody. People always told me i have a pretty voice, then why shouldn't i show it to the world? They told me i got my singing talent f…

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