This is a story written on Lucinda Fire-love's POV. Umm, idk what to write here, so enjoy!

Chapter One - A brand new day

I wake up to the sound of trees hitting the window of my bedroom. I release a quick groan and then I remember myself that I should already be awake to dress myself up. I clumsily slide off of my blankets and stand up, ready for a new, new day!

I walk over the window and pull the curtains open, and allow the sunlight to pour into my bedroom. The birds start singing their lovely melody, and i giggle along. Well, why no to?

"La-la-la, la-la, Such a pretty day! Such a pretty sight!"

Between giggles, i continue to sing my cheesy melody. People always told me i have a pretty voice, then why shouldn't i show it to the world? They told me i got my singing talent from dad, but i don't think so. He sounds quite... annoying while singing, just like mom. Sometimes her voice can be overly high-pitched, and it usually comes off as annoying for those with short tempers.

But i still love them.

Today my uncle Connor comes to see us. I'm excited for his visit, since he always brings me presents and cool stuff, earning him his position as the cool uncle, unlike mommy's other brother, Barney the savage.

Barney is a hateful, disgusting man who spent his whole life fangirling over his fandoms, and obviously, trying to gain my love. Mom always kept me safe from his, and i'm thankful for that. Barney is gross afterall.

Uncle Connor must be coming soon, so i should probably get ready. I walk over my closet and open it, quickly picking up a sleeveless cream-colored shirt and jeans. I waste not ime combing my hair, since uncle Barney destroyed my bathroom while trying to get into my bedroom using pipes. I'd rather not talk about that.

I dress a pair of white flip-flops, and reach for my lipstick. Smooth and pink. 

"Looking good Luci!"

I'm interrupted by my mother, Summer, who slowly makes her way towards me.

"Well, we shall get to the living room, uncle Connor came over!"

I giggle in excitement and follow mom to the living room, with the living flashback of Barney stuck inside the walls still very vivid on my mind.

Chapter Two - My Cool Uncle


Shh, the story isn't centered on me c;

At least not all of it.