• Kile574

    A Mortal Quest

    April 10, 2015 by Kile574

    "I'm telling you what I saw !" yelled Isaac in his brothers home study "And for the last FUCKING time I'm telling you that you. Did. Not. See. That !" yelled Dylan back " I miss her just as much as you do but at least I can handle it without going crazy !" "I'm not crazy ! " Isaac said , only to be shot down "Isaac its been four years and you havent let this go since. I hate to be harsh on you but you just happen to have some some big foot wanna be with bat wings or something ? Things like that dont just exist, okay ? Its not natural." "Thats exactly why its a problem !"

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  • Kile574

    The Legend of Coffee

    March 3, 2015 by Kile574

    Shortly after the dawn of his creation, Aerys had become fascinated by the mortal world. There, there were artists, architects, scribes, and over time even mathematicians. They astonished him with their creativity and hard work. Over time, he grew to respect them and often spent his nights gazing upon the Earth and watching these.... "Mortals" as they were called, do things that left him breathless. Things that even Gods hadn't thought they were capable of. But there was a flaw.. They tired so easily...

    He, who could lie awake for years , had to watch them rest every few hours.. Aerys was saddened by their lack of energy, and eventually appealed to his grandfather, Nathaniel, whom was sitting in the throne room. "Grandfather" he said. "Thes…

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  • Kile574

    A pub called Merrow

    February 25, 2015 by Kile574

    It was a sunny enough day, with the brilliant blue sky screaming its glory into the world and but a few white fluffy clouds in the sky. Aerys had been walking between cities, from New York to Washington, and it was possibly somewhere in the 1800's. Just before the potato famine in Ireland. It was a long, slow walk which he had assumed would be boring, even with such a beautiful day. He owned no horse, no wagon, and cars hadn't even been invented yet. As Aerys began passing the outer edges of a small town, something caught his eye. "Would you like some help with that?" he asked to a large, bear of a human being whom was heaving a large wooden sign that read The Drunken Merrow above the door of an irish styled bar. "No thankye' " he said. Eve…

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  • Kile574

    The False God

    February 5, 2015 by Kile574

    Yet again; authors note ! ... Wait does this really need one ? .... Right ! So this is a FANFICTION meaning nothing in this story has any effect on any characters and/or places mentioned in the story unless the necessary people ALL agree on it ! There. Not as long as the others, huh ? I'm getting better at this.

    I could feel it happening. My body forming. It was an agonizing process, but I endured it. I desperately wanted freedom. They trapped me here... My brothers, sisters... Aunts and Uncles. My father. I don't know why they did it.. I cant even begin to comprehend why they would want to.. I was one of them. So why did they trap me in the void of pain ? Why did I exist in this ... blackness ? It was strange... It was as if I knew them all. E…

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  • Kile574

    Idea pad

    January 22, 2015 by Kile574

    A little corner of the universe for me to write down my ideas, and if anyone actually cares about what comes when, where people can comment what story you'd like to see next. I'll also do fan-fictions about just about anything, but someone else is going to request it .-. Chances are I wont just make a fan-fiction unless im currently out of ideas.

    NOTE: Names subject to change upon creation of story!

    To do list/Ideas:

    • Death in the family
      • The story about how Herodus' mother died, how he reacted and all of it ultimately leading to him meeting his father (and maybe trying to sock him in the jaw) In essence i think it would be a nice story. Not incredibly long but not a quick read either, and it would give some serious understanding as to why Hero…
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