A little corner of the universe for me to write down my ideas, and if anyone actually cares about what comes when, where people can comment what story you'd like to see next. I'll also do fan-fictions about just about anything, but someone else is going to request it .-. Chances are I wont just make a fan-fiction unless im currently out of ideas.

NOTE: Names subject to change upon creation of story!

To do list/Ideas:

  • Death in the family
    • The story about how Herodus' mother died, how he reacted and all of it ultimately leading to him meeting his father (and maybe trying to sock him in the jaw) In essence i think it would be a nice story. Not incredibly long but not a quick read either, and it would give some serious understanding as to why Herodus could prefer isolation/why he could be considered cold and distant. It could match up to his page pretty nicely.
  • A False God
    • Details withheld due to incredibly awesome surprising reasons. Involved a Demigod child of Aerys.
      • Name changed to "The false god" . Can be found here The False God
  • Jyler fanfic.
    • Something showing the legit cute/adorable side of two male gods. Eventually leads to the creation of Roy Firestone
  • Anti-Gods: The Multi-verse saga
    • a completely random number of stories featuring the appearance of evil (and in some cases stronger) versions of our current gods seeping into our world seeking for more land to rule.
  • The Last Demigod
    • A Post apocalyptic story.