Shortly after the dawn of his creation, Aerys had become fascinated by the mortal world. There, there were artists, architects, scribes, and over time even mathematicians. They astonished him with their creativity and hard work. Over time, he grew to respect them and often spent his nights gazing upon the Earth and watching these.... "Mortals" as they were called, do things that left him breathless. Things that even Gods hadn't thought they were capable of. But there was a flaw.. They tired so easily...

He, who could lie awake for years , had to watch them rest every few hours.. Aerys was saddened by their lack of energy, and eventually appealed to his grandfather, Nathaniel, whom was sitting in the throne room. "Grandfather" he said. "These mortals are wonderful creatures... But I've spotted a terrible flaw" for a moment Nathaniel hesitated, and then replied "And what be this 'terrible flaw' ? " he asked. "Well..." said Aerys " They need sleep so soon.. They lack the energy to even finish their projects in a day. The writers take days, the farmer rests as soon as night begins to fall, the fisherman heads for shore just before the catch come in droves". "Well, what would you have us do ?" Aerys stopped. He hadn't considered this. Aerys briefly looked around, and had no inspiration. "W-well.. What if I gave them a plant ?" "And what would this plant do, young Aerys?" asked Nathaniel. Suddenly it hit him. "It could give them energy!" he shouted "It could fuel them past their limits ! Push them late into the night, and deep into the morning !" Nathaniel idly stroked his beard. "Well then, it sounds like you have work to do. " he said with a wry smile.

Aerys worked for days, what would this plant look like ? Would it be a tree? A shrub ? Perhaps a vine? What color would it be ? And suddenly, on the third day, it struck him. It would be a shrub, with brilliant green leaves, and wonderfully small, plump berries. "But it will not be the berries you eat!" he said to the first of mankind to see his creation, "But the seeds! You will roast them, chew them, brew them in water over a fire and they will give you energy!" he said excitedly, and then watched as they used his creation to stay awake longer than ever before.