The Targaryen of District 4

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  • The Targaryen of District 4

    Yeah, I'm gonna be writing two fanfictions soon, once THT is done (it's nearly done). And they're to do with Arya and me, but it's gonna contain a lot of tragedy and stuff (hardly any romance though, only a little bit, because I'm not really the romance type, I'm more violence and gore and crazy fangirl stuff).

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  • The Targaryen of District 4

    I've been watching the Season 5 trailer for Game of Thrones over and over again, and it gave me an idea for a fanfiction.

    I am currently having a hard time writing THT, due to reoccurring procrastination and stuff, as well as another thing I'm doing (I'm writing a book of my own, when I'm not editing on the Wikis). But I am determined to get it finished.

    As of the fanfiction idea that I have, it's a rebellion fanfiction. The demigods rebel against the Gods.

    But the only problem with this fanfiction is that if the rebellion is a successful one, then the whole purpose and storyline of the Wiki would be messed up and ruined.

    I'd explain how watching the GoT Season 5 trailer gave me a rebellion fanfiction idea but then I'd end up revealing spoiler…

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  • The Targaryen of District 4

    Just a place where I can store my ideas for characters, fanfictions, pages and changes, for this month (this will be a monthly thing for me as I get new ideas regularly). I colour coded the ideas as a way of helping me to remember what's what.

    • Changes are in green.
    • Pages are in blue.
    • Fanfictions are in purple.
    • Characters are in pink.

    • Create a husband for my goddess persona :3 (Done)
    • Create a page for the Midnight Archers.
    • Make more characters like Arya.
    • Arya gets into a relationship?
    • A fanfiction that's all about Billie's history and experiences.
    • More Arya fanfictions/a sequel to The Hidden Truth.
    • Mr Ryder starts dating again whilst Arya is in Camp Wikiana.
    • A fanfiction portraying Billie's reaction when she learns that Mr Ryder is moving on and Arya's sh…

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  • The Targaryen of District 4

    Ik I said I didn't want to mess up the current family tree and this is probably gonna sound stupid but I'm really curious.

    Can I have an immortal child as well as a demigod child?

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  • The Targaryen of District 4

    I have a fanfiction planned and it's going to be about a child of mine. Anyone wanna be in it? If not, does anyone want to be at least related or involved with this child? 

    I don't just want to write people into the fanfiction without asking.

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