Just a place where I can store my ideas for characters, fanfictions, pages and changes, for this month (this will be a monthly thing for me as I get new ideas regularly). I colour coded the ideas as a way of helping me to remember what's what.

  • Changes are in green.
  • Pages are in blue.
  • Fanfictions are in purple.
  • Characters are in pink.


  • Create a husband for my goddess persona :3 (Done)
  • Create a page for the Midnight Archers.
  • Make more characters like Arya.
  • Arya gets into a relationship?
  • A fanfiction that's all about Billie's history and experiences.
  • More Arya fanfictions/a sequel to The Hidden Truth.
  • Mr Ryder starts dating again whilst Arya is in Camp Wikiana.
  • A fanfiction portraying Billie's reaction when she learns that Mr Ryder is moving on and Arya's shock/Arya learning how to cope with this change after the news gets to her.

This list may change.

Currently writing

The Hidden Truth