Bonta-kun 600


God of Robots
God of Japanese
God of Video Games
Patron of the Nanomachines
Gender Male
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Status Immortal
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Height 6'2" (Human)

38.5 meters (God) 2.5 meters (Animal)

Age 777,777
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Weapons Nodachi, Neo Granzon
Powers & Abilities Creates and controls robots, speaks fluent Japanese and can quote any random anime, can use techniques from characters of video games, always kicks butt at video games
Species God
Home Kamelot
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Viktor is the God of Robots, Japanese, and Video Games, and the Patron of the Nanomachines. No one is sure exactly where he came from...yet. It's almost as if he imposed himself on this universe without telling anyone he was going to do so.


Viktor is a pretty straightforward guy. While he isn't exactly a people-person, he acts casual and friendly to the other gods and treats anything under his control as if it were brand new, no matter how old it actually is. He enjoys breaking the 4th wall on occasion, and sometimes has moods where the only way he can talk is through snark.

Also enjoys using frequent quotes and references to anime, video games, and tropes.


Viktor possesses the ability to create and control any sort of robot at any time, including cyborgs, androids, and mecha.

He also has the ability to speak Japanese fluently and quote any anime word-for-word.

Being an avid video gamer (in addition to being the god of video games in general), Viktor has memorized many techniques used by famous video game characters and can use them at will. He can also beat anyone who happens to play video games with him.

Viktor's weapons, the nodachi and the Neo Granzon, are quite different. The nodachi is a Japanese longsword, essentially a giant katana. Viktor has been known to use this weapon in human form. His god form allows him to take control of the Neo Granzon, the most powerful mecha in the universe (which is essentially a god on its own).


Human FormEdit

In his human form, Viktor is Simon Blackquill. He doesn't simply look like Blackquill, he is Blackquill.

God FormEdit

In his god form, Viktor becomes a small orb of energy that automatically warps to and takes control of the Neo Granzon, no matter where it is. Since it is almost impossible to see the ball before it teleports, no one knows what it actually looks like.

Animal FormEdit

In his animal form, Viktor takes the appearance of Bonta-kun. 'Nuff said.

Nanomachine FormEdit

Nanomachines, son.