A zombie resurrected shortly after its mortal death

Known by various other names, Zombies are one of many types of undead creatures but are set apart by having the ability to think, speak, and carry out all the requirements to mimic a normal human life.


there are multiple ways for zombies to be created, such as (but not limited to) :

  • Plagues - The first person to die as the result of a plague (patient zero) often reanimates with the ability to spread the disease that killed them.
  • Magic - Magic can be used to sorcerers to reanimate a corpse, however only if the spell is done perfectly can it result in a fully intelligent Zombie.


Zombies are often associated with the smell of death, which becomes more pungent depending on how long after death the corpse was revived and how powerful the Zombie is .

Depending on the circumstances of its creation, a zombie may be able to spread disease or even be able to raise/turn others

  • Enhanced strength
  • Resurrection
    • If not killed properly some Zombies are capable of resurrection
  • Weakness to fire
    • All Zombies are capable of being killed by fire, some even showing a fear of it.
  • Granting youth
    • If eaten the flesh of a zombie is said to add ten years to ones life

NOTE : Page is a WIP

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